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Commons Offset Portfolio: Tradewater

Commons Team
January 28, 2024

About Tradewater

Project Location: Thailand

Offset Type: Refrigerant Destruction

Duration: Permanent

Tradewater is a B Corp focused on collecting and destroying the world’s most potent greenhouse gases. They have already prevented the permanent release of over 6.9 million tons of CO2e into the atmosphere. Crucially, their project activities are funded exclusively through carbon offset revenue, underscoring the importance of your support for this work.

Why refrigerant destruction?

Fluorinated gases, historically used as refrigerants, have a global warming impact of up to 9,000 timesgreater than carbon dioxide. Safely collecting and destroying these gases prevents their release into the atmosphere and promotes a switch to more climate-friendly alternatives.

As climate change intensifies, global dependence on air conditioning to combat extreme heat is expected to rapidly increase. Accelerating the switch to more climate-friendly refrigerants is crucial to ensure our climate adaptation solutions don’t exacerbate the issue.

Climate nonprofit Project Drawdown estimates that refrigerant management efforts can prevent up to 57 gigatons of carbon emissions by 2050.

Carbon Offset Evaluation

Tradewater’s projects follow rigorous third-party protocols from the American Climate Registry. Once the gases are destroyed, the climate impact is immediate and non-reversible.

See Tradewater’s project documentation →

Commons Community Impact

Beyond contributing to global warming, refrigerants also harm our planet’s ozone layer, a vital shield against harmful Ultraviolet (UV) radiation for Earth’s ecosystems. Avoiding the release of refrigerants into the atmosphere aids in the restoration of the ozone layer.

Commons Offset Portfolio

Supporting carbon offsets can be a powerful way to invest in green technologies and protect natural ecosystems. But they aren’t a silver bullet – each project has a unique set of risks.

With the Commons Offset Portfolio, we do the work to maximize your impact. Just as you wouldn’t put all your money into one stock – we don’t put all your dollars into a single offset project.

Read more about the Commons Offset Portfolio →

Commons Team
January 28, 2024


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