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We’re looking for scrappy, ambitious people who are excited to build a world in which all consumption is carbon-conscious.

We offer competitive start-up compensation and benefits, including 100% healthcare coverage, green 401(k)s, and hybrid-remote work culture.

Job Openings

We have no open roles at the moment but if you’re passionate about what we’re building, please send us an email at You might be just who we’re looking for.

Our Values

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Radical Optimism

A more abundant, balanced, connected way of living is within reach. Life on Earth is rich.

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Progress Over Perfection

The next 10 years are critical for our shared future. The most sustainable action is the one you’ll actually take. Every bit of improvement helps.


Trusted Guidance

No shaming. No panic-inducing headlines. Just practical, rigorous guidance to make impactful choices. Always grounded in data.

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Shared Power

None of us can reverse the climate crisis alone. All of us can do it together. We change the world by changing ourselves and each other.


Live Lighter

The climate crisis is heavy. But we’re inventing lighter ways of living. We create space to be humble and find joy.

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