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Offset Portfolio: Charm Industrial

Commons Team
March 6, 2023

About Charm Industrial

Location: Midwest, USA

Offset Type: Biomass

Charm Industrial injects carbon rich bio-oils into geological formations deep underground to store carbon for millennia.

Charm’s team uses waste biomass to create bio-oil through a process called “fast pyrolysis”. Bio-oil is conveniently high in carbon and a stable, pumpable fluid. Charm leverages EPA disposal wells to pump bio-oil and other high-carbon industrial byproducts deep underground, sequestering them for thousands of years.

Your offset purchase helps Charm scale up their own bio-oil production and come down the cost curve.

Why Biomass?

Biomass conversion projects can sequester carbon for 100s to 1000s of years. By pairing the ability of plants to absorb carbon dioxide with engineered technology, biomass projects create durable, carbon-rich materials that are easily stored.

Read our Biomass 101 Primer →

Carbon Offset Evaluation

We picked Charm because of their promising progress to date and they have demonstrated a high degree of scalability, efficiency, and transparency in their process. The Commons community is supporting projects with local communities in the midwest of the United States.

Commons evaluation of Charm Industrial's carbon offset projects

Read our full evaluation for more details →

Commons' Community Impact

The Commons community started supporting Charm in 2020, supporting one of Charm’s earliest applications of its innovative technology.

Our team has been on quarterly calls with Charm’s executive team. Their transparency and effectiveness have impressed us. The team completed delivery of our first order of carbon removal ahead of schedule, on October 3, 2021, and we are excited to continue to support them in demonstrating the scalability of a promising new carbon storage pathway.

Commons Offset Portfolio

Supporting carbon offsets can be a powerful way to invest in green technologies and protect natural ecosystems. But they aren’t a silver bullet – each project has a unique set of risks.

With the Commons Offset Portfolio, we do the work to maximize your impact. Just as you wouldn’t put all your money into one stock – we don’t put all your dollars into a single offset project.

Read more about the Commons Offset Portfolio →
Commons Team
March 6, 2023

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