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Commons' Guide to Building a Climate Practice

Commons Team
March 6, 2023

Restore balance, one step at a time

The path to lower emissions looks different for everyone, and there isn’t one perfect solution. With so many ways to live more sustainably, it can be hard to know which climate actions will have the biggest impact.

Commons Climate Practices make it easy to live in balance with the planet. As you explore each practice, you'll learn about its climate impact and how our actions can make a difference. As you adopt new practices, we’ll be right there along the way to support and guide you through each step. Wherever you choose to start, remember that the most sustainable action is the one you’ll actually take.

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Discover impactful climate practices

In the Practice tab you'll find practical strategies to live a low-carbon life. From your laundry room to your bank account, there are ways for anyone to start living more sustainably. Tap through systems to narrow down your search and reference the impact ratings to get an idea of how much a practice can lower your carbon footprint.

Learn how your practice influences the carbon economy

Adopting new climate practices has a measurable impact on our personal emissions and the systems we're a part of. Each Commons Climate Practice is full of stats and metrics to give you the big picture and quantify your potential impact. When you complete a Climate Practice, you'll contribute to our community goal.

Get personalized tips to build your climate practice

Everyone's approach to their Climate Practice is unique. Commons gives you step-by-step, practical guidance and personalized recommendations for your lifestyle.

Commons Team
March 6, 2023


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