Save Big When you Buy these 5 Kitchen Appliances Refurbished

Naman Bajaj
March 5, 2024

Every year, the world produces about 40 million tons of electronic waste. That equates to discarding 800 laptops every second. We recycle 12.5% of this e-waste, but the rest goes to landfills and incinerators, emitting toxic chemicals into the air.

Investing in refurbished products is a great way to reduce e-waste. By choosing refurbished items, you can save money while still acquiring high-quality devices. Trusted sources for these products include Amazon Renewed, Swappa, and Back Market. We've also compiled a list of top sites for refurbished tech.

The range of refurbished items extends beyond gadgets like phones, laptops, and tablets. Various appliances can also be purchased in a refurbished format.

Here are five appliances that you may not have considered buying refurbished:

Coffee Maker

A refurbished coffee maker allows you to enjoy your favorite brew without breaking the bank. Whether you prefer a drip coffee maker, an espresso machine, or a single-serve brewer, buying refurbished can provide you with a reliable and affordable option to satisfy your caffeine cravings while reducing the e-waste on the planet.


Refurbished blenders offer a sustainable and cost-effective way to whip up delicious smoothies, soups, and sauces. Whether you're a health enthusiast or a culinary adventurer, a refurbished blender can be a versatile and eco-friendly kitchen companion that helps you create delectable recipes while being mindful of the environment.


Start your mornings sustainably with perfectly toasted bread from a refurbished toaster. From basic to high-end models, refurbished toasters deliver crispy and evenly browned slices at a fraction of the cost and in a planet-friendly manner. Enjoy your favorite breakfast staple without breaking your budget.

Electric Grill

For those who love grilling but want a more convenient and sustainable option, a refurbished electric grill is an excellent choice. Whether you have limited outdoor space or prefer grilling indoors, a refurbished electric grill can provide you with a flavorful and hassle-free grilling experience at a reduced cost to you and the planet.


A refurbished kettle is a must-have appliance for tea lovers or anyone who enjoys a hot beverage. Whether you need boiling water for your morning tea or instant coffee, a refurbished kettle can heat water quickly and efficiently, offering convenience and energy savings.


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Naman Bajaj
March 5, 2024


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