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How To Make Your Gas Go Farther

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April 5, 2022

In 2022, gasoline was one of the top three purchases that contributed to Commons members’ carbon footprints.

No matter which car you have, knowing how to manage the environmental efficiency of your driving can save you money at the pump, reduce wear-and-tear, and cut your carbon footprint. As you drive on your next tank of gas, remember these quick tips.

How to Increase Your Fuel-Efficiency

(1) Keep Your Tires Full

Low tires make your car work harder and use more gas. Check and fill yours regularly to improve your fuel economy by about 3% (Source: JRC Science, 2016).

(2) Replace Your Air Filters

Don’t skip simple maintenance. Replacing dirty air filters can make older, carbureted vehicles up to 6% more fuel-efficient (Source: JRC Science, 2016).

(3) Maintain a Steady Speed

Cruise control isn’t just convenient – it saves gas, too! Maintain a steady speed as often as possible, paying attention to the road ahead to prevent sudden braking and bursts of acceleration.

(4) Minimize Idling

Running engines still use gas in idle, which means you get 0 MPG when you’re not moving. Plan ahead and avoid rush hour driving to reduce the amount of time you’re stuck in traffic.

(5) Drive below 60 MPH

Your need for speed can cost more than a ticket – gas mileage starts to fall when you drive beyond 60 mph or 90 kph in most vehicles. Aggressive driving can slash fuel-efficiency by 33% (Source: US DOE, 2013).

(6) Reduce unecessary cargo

Roof racks and cargo containers increase drag when your car drives down the road. Remove them when you're not using them, and store items in your trunk instead whenever possible.

Drive Less, Save More

The best way to cut emissions and fuel costs is to keep your car in the garage. Whenever possible, consider an eco-friendly alternative next time you reach for the keys.

Read our guide to driving alternatives →
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April 5, 2022
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