From Disruption to Transformation: The Impact of Climate Protests

Climate protest headlines like these have become common in our newsfeeds and FYPs:

Amid rising global temperatures, the way we protest climate change is causing debate. But social change research suggests radical actions have historically been effective.

Can environmental boycotts actually create an impact?

Boycotts have been used throughout history to make a difference. The Montgomery Bus Boycott ended local segregation on buses. The Delano Grape Strike led to Mexico's first farm workers' union. More recently, PETA's boycott led to SeaWorld ending both breeding and shows of Orcas.

At an individual level, there’s a lot we can do to take climate action in our community. For instance, we can boycott fossil fuels and other big emissions drivers with our dollars. Some say individual actions against climate change don't matter compared to big companies. But our buying choices are powerful. As responsible shoppers, we can use our purchasing power to protest climate change and show companies that ethics and sustainability are important.

How can we participate in climate change protests?

Protest tactics like disruptive resistance have emerged as potent tools in the climate protest arsenal. From Just Stop Oil’s soup resistance to Greta Thunberg’s arrest at an anti-oil protest - the forms these tactics take vary greatly. But their goal remains the same: confront the climate crisis head-on.

Public reception to these protests is mixed. Ironically, polling shows the vast majority of Britons think disruptive protest hinders climate activists causes. Experts in sociology and political science disagree and find these methods effective. Nearly 70% of academics surveyed rated disruptive protest tactics as at least quite important to success. Even though not all tactics lead to policy change, they still do create awareness and spark conversations.

How can I create meaningful change through climate activism?

In the end, any type of activism is better than no activism at all. Whether your protest looks like going vegan to reduce carbon emissions, taking to the streets to march, or just simply initiating climate conversations, it all serves as essential components of a multifaceted movement. Ultimately, every form of activism matters in our quest for a sustainable future. After all, it's about progress, not perfection.


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