5 Home Energy Startups You Should Know

The utility and power sector hasn’t been the sexiest business, but a cadre of new startups are breaking that paradigm. Regardless of your location or your budget, there are tools and technologies that can help you power your home more sustainably and save money. 

There are options for most homes (rent or own) at a range of costs — from free to a major home investment. These startups are listed by cost, from least to most expensive.


Incentives for powering down during peak hours.

Cost: Free

Who can use it: OhmConnect is available for people living in California (PG&E, SCE, or SDG&E customers), New York (ConEd customers), or Texas (folks with an active OhmConnect retail energy account).

How it works: During certain times of the day, demand for energy is higher. To meet that demand, the grid powers up more expensive, dirtier, fast-acting power plants. OhmConnect gives pays you to turn off devices when energy is most expensive and dirtiest, saving you money and reducing emissions. 



Find clean, cheap utility plans near you.

Cost: Free

Who can use it: Buyers or renters who live in deregulated utility markets, including Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington D.C.

How it works: Wattbuy is a US online electricity marketplace that helps you lower your electricity bill by switching to a cleaner, cheaper electricity provider. In states with deregulated electricity markets, Wattbuy helps residents identify and switch to the most competitive electricity options for them. 



A smart thermostat that makes saving energy comfortable.

Cost: $170 - $250

Who can use it: American and Canadian homeowners and renters interested in saving energy and lowering their carbon footprint can save up to 23% on annual energy costs with Ecobee. You can use Ecobee's online checker to see if you're home is compatible

How it works: Ecobee aims to help people reduce the 40-60% of their home energy use that goes into heating and cooling their home. Their smart, programmable thermostats help to conserve energy while maintaining comfort. 



Total home energy monitoring with a granular picture of how you use energy.

Cost: $300 - $350

Who can use it: Sense is for homeowners or renters who are curious about how electricity is used in their home. Sense Solar is especially relevant for homeowners who want to monitor energy production and use. The average user saves between 6-9% in home energy usage. 

How it works: Sense monitors your home’s electricity use to help you save money, see what’s on or off, and even avoid disaster. Powered by a monitor that installs in your electric panel, it reads and processes current data in real-time to give you a whole-home view you can’t get anywhere else.


Dandelion Energy

Geothermal energy for home owners

Cost: Financing payment starts at $0 down and $150/month

Who can use it: If you are a US homeowner looking for a cheaper and cleaner solution to heat and cool your home, geothermal could be a fit for you. A five-ton Dandelion Geothermal System reduces a home’s carbon footprint by 60-85% when switching from natural gas, propane, or fuel oil, respectively. Check out if your state, like New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, offers special incentives for geothermal.

How it works: Geothermal systems use the difference in temperature to transfer heat between your home and the earth. Whether it’s a winter cold snap or a summer scorcher, the ground five feet below the surface maintains a constant temperature year round. The Dandelion Energy home geothermal system replaces your air conditioning and heating equipment with a powerful heat pump and safe, underground pipes. In the winter, the ground loops move heat stored in the ground into your home. In the summer, the ground loops returns heat from your home to the ground. 


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