3 Ways to Mend a Hole in a Sock

Naman Bajaj
August 14, 2023

Every year, we discard a staggering 11,300 tons of socks into landfills. This is roughly equivalent to the weight of 2,800 elephants or 28 Boeing 747 airplanes. 

So if you have a hole in your sock, don't throw it away and buy a new pair just yet. There are several ways to repair it without having to replace the entire sock.

Method 1: Repair a hole in your socks using a patch

If you don’t want to stitch it, you could use a patch. First, check the size of the hole and choose a design. Cut out patterns using scissors or X-acto knives. Heat your iron to the right temperature and iron your socks flat. To avoid sticking, put parchment paper beyond the hole. Cover the hole with the patch and add more patches to hide it. Wrap another piece of parchment paper around the sock to protect it from the hot iron. Press the iron on the sock without sliding it, then lift it and heat press again after removing the transfer foil.

Method 2: Darning your sock

This is perhaps the most time-consuming but durable method. You'll need a darning needle, a matching thread or yarn, and a darning egg or something similar to stretch the sock over while you work. Thread the darning needle with a length of thread or yarn that matches the color of your sock, or choose a contrasting color for a visible mending approach. Place the darning egg or a similar object inside the sock where the hole is. This will give you a firm surface to work on and help maintain the shape of the sock.

Begin by stitching around the edges of the hole to secure any loose threads. Then, create a grid-like pattern of stitches, weaving the needle in and out of the fabric. This will help close the hole and reinforce the area. When you're satisfied with the coverage, knot the thread on the inside of the sock to secure your darning work.

Trim any excess thread or yarn from both the inside and outside of the sock, and you’re done!

Method 3: Fix a hole in your socks with clothing glue

To repair a hole in your sock using clothing glue, take the holey sock and clothing glue. Carefully push the fabric around the hole together as closely as possible to hide the hole. Apply a thin layer of glue over the hidden hole, taking your time to ensure that the layer is as thin as possible. You can always add more glue if needed. Allow the glue to dry for 24 hours before checking the results.

Use one of these three options to repair your socks and prevent them from ending up in landfills.


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Naman Bajaj
August 14, 2023


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