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Earn rewards when you spend sustainably.
Earn cash rewards when you shop sustainably
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How It Works

Calculate your carbon FOOTPRINT

Get a footprint estimate based on your lifestyle, from how you travel to how you eat. Sync your spending data to get a more accurate, real-time calculation.
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How It Works

GET TIPS to reduce your footprint

Curious about how to upgrade your lifestyle? Search climate topics and explore personalized guides to live more sustainably.
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How It Works

sustainable brands

With Commons’ sustainable brand directory, browse and get rewarded for shopping 400 companies that are measurably lowering their emissions to meet global climate targets.

How It Works

Balance your footprint with carbon offsets

Compensate for the emissions you can’t avoid by supporting a verified portfolio of diverse, trusted climate solutions.
“While companies like Microsoft and Shopify are engaged in purchasing carbon removal, Commons allows consumers to take action.”
“I think Commons is doing for climate action what Headspace did for mental health back in 2010. There has never been a more important time in history to solve this problem and there is no team I believe in more than Commons.”
Rich Pierson, Headspace Founder & CEO
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“I love Commons for reminding me that the choices I make can create a sustainable future.”
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“Commons is making climate-solution tools more accessible with an app that tracks and personalizes your carbon footprint.”
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2022 impact report

We Lowered Our Emissions By 20%


Together, We Add Up

Join a community of people using our collective spending choices to build a more sustainable economy.
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