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Every spending choice is a climate choice, and every purchase is an opportunity for action.

The products and services we buy require resources from the Earth to produce. Those are our carbon costs, and they’re part of being alive.

Commons helps you grow your carbon intuition so we can shrink our collective impact.

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Carbon Is Part Of The Natural
World, And Our Economy

Consumers influence 65% of global emissions through these six systems. By shifting our collective spending choices, we can demand a more sustainable economy.

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Goods & Services - 15%
Cut-out of carbon
Offsets - 1%
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Finance - 6%
Travel - 11%
Cutout of energy, representing utility and home energy systems
Utilities - 20%
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Food & Drink - 21%

How It Works


Prioritize Your Climate Practice

Commons takes the guesswork out of climate action.

When you sync your spending, Commons shows you the carbon equivalent of each purchase to calculate your footprint.

Discover your highest-emissions purchases to decide where to start taking action.
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Build Your Climate Practice

Commons guides you through practical strategies to lower your carbon footprint and build a lifestyle that is more in balance with the planet.

Shrink your emissions and save money.
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Support Innovative Climate Solutions

Offsets are a way to compensate for our unavoidable emissions.

When you offset your emissions with Commons, you invest in a vetted, diverse portfolio of climate solutions that are lowering global emissions, supporting local communities, and restoring ecosystems.
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Common Home, Common Purpose

No single person can change our economic systems, but collectively, our choices influence corporations and governments.

Get tips and inspiration from people who are making choices to restore balance between their lives and the planet.
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