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Every purchase has a carbon footprint.

With Commons, discover the environmental impact of your purchases and find easy ways to make low-carbon choices.

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You’re a part of the carbon economy

Our spending influences 65% of global emissions through these six systems.

By spending more sustainably, we can demand a low-carbon future.

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Goods & Services - 15%
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Offsets - 1%
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Finance - 6%
Travel - 11%
Cutout of energy, representing utility and home energy systems
Utilities - 20%
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Food & Drink - 21%

How It Works


become a conscious consumer

Spend sustainably by switching to brands that are reducing our global emissions.

Use Commons to browse hundreds of brands that are supporting low-carbon business models or responsibly offsetting their emissions.
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Prioritize Your Climate Practice

To give you the most accurate carbon footprint, Commons calculates the emissions of each transaction based on your carbon profile and what you purchased.

Get personalized tips and insights to lower your footprint and watch it shrink over time.
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Build Your Climate Practice

Live a life that’s more in balance with the planet.

From laundry to groceries, Commons gives you personalized, practical guides for sustainable living.

You’ll lower your emissions and save money.
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Support Innovative Climate Solutions

Offsets are a way to compensate for our unavoidable emissions.

When you offset your emissions with Commons, you invest in a vetted, diverse portfolio of climate solutions that are lowering global emissions, supporting local communities, and restoring ecosystems.
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